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Yes. Really.

You have probably heard about Pinterest and thought, like I did:


“Nice. But I’m not into scrapbooks or vision boards. Why would I use it?”

Why would you want your business on Pinterest?

Remember the old adage? “Fish where the fish are.” Go where your customers are. Don’t force them to come find you.

In today’s world of the Internet and social media, customers are much more savvy about products and how they spend their money. Today’s marketing calls for attracting customers, not pushing content out to them. (Think ‘attract bees with honey.’)

The key is to go where your customers are and to be part of that community. Be helpful. Put yourself (your business self) in the shoes of your customer. Really get to know him or her.

Which brings up another point: Yes. There are men using Pinterest. They are just using it in different ways that make sense to men. [Image  created by JMBlock Photography & Design and links to article crediting artist.] I imagine men will quickly begin creating boards for  ‘cars I want’ or holiday wish lists; if they aren’t already been created. (I’ve been using it as a visual bookmarking site.)

There are many examples of businesses using Pinterest within the ‘acceptable use’ guidelines and in ways that fit with the community.

Brands who ‘get’ it

Don’t be ‘THAT’ brand

You know what I mean, it’s like that awkward moment at a party when a person tells you they sell insurance and then want to sell it to you. Excuse me. I think I have a phone call. Run away!

Do not be the brand that force feeds your products to the community. They will not be interested. And, it could backfire on your brand.

Take the time to look around and become familiar with the content and style of popular Pinterest users. What are they doing that will work for your brand?

The key to success?

Be visually and thoughtfully attractive to your customers. Understand your target market and figure out a way to connect your business with their interests. Make it fun.

  1. Put your customer’s interests ahead of those of your business.
  2. What is your current target market? What do they like? Give it to them. Even if it doesn’t exactly fit your business.
  3. Tap into the expertise of your employees who are already on Pinterest. They already know your brand and Pinterest.

Want more?

  • There are webinars, blog posts and even meetups happening about Pinterest. If you are in Silicon Valley, CA; check out the Silicon Valley Pinterest Meetup kickoff meetup on Thursday, April 19 in San Jose, CA
  • Check out the multitude of articles and infographics on Pinterest and demographics. Search for the term “infographic” on Pinterest. Brace yourself. There are many infographics on Pinterest. :-)
  • My Pinterest related content is located on my SVESMC Stuff board.

What do you think? How have you used / how are you planning to use, Pinterest for your business?

Thanks for reading. :-)

p.s. I’ve found these resources helpful:


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