Advocacy Program or Advocacy Marketing – What is it?

The Wikipedia definition of Marketing is “the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of selling that product or service.”

And says that Advocacy is “a political process by an individual or group which aims to influence public-policy and resource allocation decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions.”

In my opinion, Advocacy Programs or Advocacy Marketing Programs are the combination of both these definitions:
“Communicating the value of a product or service” by involving key individuals to influence the direction and success of your company.

Advocacy Marketing or Advocacy Programs are all about doing the best for a company’s customers by involving the most outspoken people on a brand. It is up to the company how to establish the relationship and how to use the powerful information they are provided by these Advocates.

Advocacy Programs are like the Presidential Advisory Committee. These are the people who tell you the honest truth – even when it’s not popular. They have nothing to lose by sharing their expertise on your company and products and everything to gain.

It’s a great relationship program. Get one started at your company today.

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2014: The Year of Advocacy “Marketing” Programs

A Prediction

Well, I’m going against my New Year’s tradition: I’m making a prediction.

My prediction for 2014 is that companies will focus on Advocacy Marketing.

What is Advocacy Marketing?

My definition of Advocacy Marketing is when a company is able to connect with their influential customers and partners without paying them for their feedback and input. Very similar to Word of Mouth Marketing but in this case, Advocacy takes center stage. It is all about the technical expertise and visibility of the participants of your program.

Advocates of your brand are people who talk, write, teach and use your brand and products/services like it’s their best friend or best discovery.

What Does the Company Do?

At my company, we provide exclusive access to early code, roadmap discussions, monthly webinars on timely topics and licences for our products. If you don’t give Advocates access to your products, you are missing the point. Advocates need to use your product to share incredibly valuable feedback with you and your company.

What to the Advocates Do?

Their role is to be completely honest about their experiences with your company and products/services. It is the company’s responsibility to react appropriately to the valuable feedback.

At Citrix, our Advocate program is the Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) program. It started in 2006 and has evolved into (in my opinion) a great family of incredible people who have the Citrix brand and products/services at heart and help us be successful.

What is My Role?

My role (Citrix Community Programs Manager) is, as described by 2 of our CTPs during my interview, an anarchist with the CTPs and a corporate person with my company. Like a conduit of information translating needs between the company and the Advocates.

After a year at Citrix, I describe my role as part advocate for the program, part cat wrangler and part geek. It’s a role I really love and encourage anyone who likes to help and connect people to investigate Advocacy programs (known by many names: Microsoft MVP, SAP Mentor, Citrix CTP, EMC Hero, etc.) as a career. It’s incredibly rewarding. :-)

The Citrix CTP Program

Our program is a nomination only program where the existing 48 members vote on new candidates annually. The nominees are from all over the world and the primary criteria for acceptance is a good balance of technical expertise, ecosystem visibility and contribution back to the Citrix communities and ecosystem.

In short, the CTPs make our world a better place for our customers and us.

Advocacy Marketing Success

Again, for me, Advocacy Marketing requires a partnership between the company and the advocates. They are not paid and the biggest bonus for the company is completely honest feedback on the company’s business practices and products. (Payment just causes confusion for Advocates and customers.)

In my program, I use the following model: If the Advocates tell us something and we don’t listen; they are free to publicly talk about it. Shame on us for not listening to them the first time. (Of course, I ask them to tell us before going public so we have the opportunity to address their concerns.)

This model has been very successful for my role at Citrix where I manage the Advocacy program at my company –  a program called The Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) program.

A Word of Advice

The earlier you can involve your Advocates in your product/service planning the more likely you are to be successful. Why? Because they are out speaking at conferences, with customers, installing your products, using your services, etc. daily. They see the product implementation and compatibility problems long before your customer.

Don’t you want to know about this kind of problem before your customer does?

That’s It

What do you think? Do you manage an Advocacy program at your company? Do you want to start one? If so, please leave a comment. There is a group of us who are happy to share our experiences with you.

Happy New Year everyone!

p.s. Please don’t let the CTPs know I called this Advocacy MARKETING. There is a distinct distaste for the term Marketing among these highly technical professionals. They are TECHNICAL. :-)

CTP dinner March 2013

A few of our current CTPs

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What An Advocate-Centric Marketing Organization Looks Like

See on Scoop.itMy take on Social media

Why customer success is so vital to your marketing culture. (What An Advocate-Centric Marketing Organization Looks Like

Perrine Crampton‘s insight:

An interesting topic that everyone should be paying attention to. The future of marketing is through social media. What runs social? Trusted advisors or advocates. It’s going to become critical for businesses to become ‘human’ for their customers.

See on

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Great Corporate Culture – Don’t Ignore the Dead Pig on the Table

Current Citrix CEO Mark Templeton and former Citrix CEO Roger Roberts chat

Mark Templeton and Roger Roberts

Two Great CEOs Chat

Today I attended a special Citrix company event – a fireside chat between current Citrix CEO Mark Templeton and former Citrix CEO Roger Roberts.

The conversation began with a few questions and led into a great reminiscing about the good and bad times of the Citrix history. It was obvious that the corporate culture is deeply ingrained in the DNA of Citrix.

Roberts was emphatic about doing the right thing for the right reasons. That employees are a company’s most valuable asset. I wanted to stand up and cheer! It reminded me of the New York Times article on Citrix CEO Mark Templeton’s life lessons as Citrix CEO. This article is what caused me to accept my current position as Community Programs Manager at Citrix.

In the article, Mark shared tough life lessons and learnings. It’s really a good read and well worth your time.

Integrity. It’s not for sissies.

Back to today’s chat between current and former Citrix CEOs: One of the most obvious (to me) keys to the successful corporate culture is their staunch belief in doing the right thing; even when it’s hard.

To make a great company, you have to start with people and help them find their passion. If they are in the wrong role, help them find the right role. Without passion for doing the right thing, a company dies.

Acknowledge The Dead Pig

Roger talked about the ‘dead pig’ on the table. Everyone looks around, trying not to acknowledge that it’s there. (The ‘It’ is the dead pig, the elephant in the room or the well-known problem that no one wants to bring up.)

Acknowledging that the dead pig exists is key to bring the ‘dead pig’ out in the open. Do SOMETHING with it. Don’t ignore it. Bring it out into the open so it doesn’t bury you when it comes up in the future. Think of how you feel when you find out the problem is well-known. If it’s well-known, why wasn’t it FIXED?

Making mistakes is part of the process of success. Repeating mistakes is a problem that cannot be ignored.

Bottom Line

If you see a problem you can fix. Fix it.

(Did I say I really like my job? I do.)

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ProMatch » The Silicon Valley Chapter of Experience Unlimited

See on Scoop.itSocial Job Search

The Silicon Valley Chapter of Experience Unlimited…


If you are located in Silicon Valley and don’t know about ProMatch, you should. It’s a free and fabulous resource open to all.


Practice existing skills and learn new ones. Rebrand yourself. Get out of your funk.

See on

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8 Ways to Impress Your Interviewer – On Careers (

See on Scoop.itSocial Job Search

In this deflated job market, you must bring your A-game to every interview.


Good interviewing tips but I thought the article was going to cover how to impress through use of social media.


Here are my tips:


1.Research each person you will meet with through LinkedIn. Where did they go to school? What major? Past jobs? Are there any connections to your background? If so, work your research into the conversation. (But not in a ‘creepy’ way.)


2. Google the person. Do they have a website? Check it out.


3. Find the person on Twitter and Facebook. (Typically this info is found on a person’s LinkedIn profile.) What do they talk about? You should be able to get an idea of their personality through what they tweet and post.


4. On LinkedIn: See who you are connected to and how you are connected to your interviewer. Consider reaching out to your 1st level connections for input on your interviewer’s personality and style.


That’s it for now.

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The 20 Social Media Marketing MBA Questions to Ask to Get Prepared

See on Scoop.itMy take on Social media

A social media marketing plan will directly affect people and processes at several levels.


They didn’t include what I think is the most critical: A Risk Management Plan.


As a PMP, risk management planning is a critical part of any project plan. It is especially critical in social media where information spreads at lightening speed.

Plan for ‘disaster recovery.’ How will your company react when something goes wrong on social media? Any PR escalation plan must include a plan/process for managing social media issues.


Do employees know what to do when they see something negative posted on a social channel? Do your internal teams know what to do when something goes wrong?


Your business is required to have a fire escape plan in place before occupying the building. Your social media plan is just as critical for the reputation of your business and brand.

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A Theatrical Hackathon! 24HrPlay at Festival del Sole

It was like a hackathon! Read on for more.

#24HrPlay at #FestivalDelSole – A 24 hour theatrical hackathon!

July 14, 2012 • 5:30 PMFestival del Sole presents the Napa premiere of 24 Hour Plays, starring film and theater actors creating, learning and performing four short plays in the space of a day, with musical interludes from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons performed live by the Russian National Orchestra.

Storified by Perrine V. Crampton · Mon, Jul 16 2012 12:29:29

24 Hour Plays – Festival del SoleFestival del Sole presents the Napa premiere of 24 Hour Plays, starring film and theater actors creating, learning and performing four sh…
From the website:   July 14, 2012 

Festival del Sole presents the Napa premiere of 24 Hour Plays, starring film and theater actors creating, learning and performing four short plays in the space of a day, with musical interludes from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons performed live by the Russian National Orchestra. Join Hugh Dancy, Minnie Driver, Dennis Haysbert, Michael Keaton, Chris Noth, Amy Povich, Andrea Anders, Cindy Im, Catherine Castellanos, Joan Mankin, Kathryn Zdan and Kathy Garver for a thrilling theatrical experience like no other!

My thoughts

It was an amazing experience! I thought it was like a developer hackathon – they only had 24 hours (or less!) to write, learn and prepare for the plays. They did an amazing job! 
It would have been extra interactive if they had included a TweetWall and if the wireless worked in the theatre. Can you imagine? Tweeting suggestions to actors on stage? That would be cool too!
Hats off to all those involved in the 24HRplay at Festival del Sole in Napa this weekend! It was an amazing event and you should all be proud! We loved it! :-)
We are so looking forward to welcome father-to-be Hugh Dany (@hughdancynews) next week for the 24 Hour Plays! #napaFestival del Sole
Less than a week before @24HourPlays at @napafest. Looking forward to seeing Hugh and the rest of the cast. Will live tweet.Hugh Dancy News
Interest in Pinterest? Check out our stars from the 25 Hour Plays! #FestivaldelSole #Stars #NapaValleyFestival del Sole
24 Hour Play.Festival del Sole.Pinterest. Kotova
@Comic_Con and @napafest’s @24HourPlays coming up. It’s a busy week for actors.Hugh Dancy News
#FestivaldelSole is ALMOST here … so the ops team is taking a moment to goof off & make some music of our own @Lincoln_Theater @napafestLisa Brown
Can’t wait to see 24 hour Plays with Dennis Haysbert and Minnie Driver at Festival Del Sole in Napa on Sat. #starsoffestivaldelsoleShelley Morgan
Excited to participate! @napafest @24HourPlays Haysbert

@SanFranMag ran a contest for tickets to the play:

We’re giving away 2 #FestivaldelSole Allegro Passes @napafest! Just tweet us the star you hope to spot b4 5pm 7/12. #starsoffestivaldelsoleSan Francisco
@sanfranmag @napafest #FestivaldelSole @MinnieDriver for sure! Love her! :)Laura Iriarte
@sanfranmag @napafest Hope to see Michael Keaton at #starsoffestivaldelsoleSarah Krummel
@sanfranmag I would die if I saw #michaelkeaton at #festivaldelsole…Moonui
@sanfranmag I want to see Chris Noth and Hugh Dancy at the @napafest! #starsoffestivaldelsoleGlitz Glam Granola
@sanfranmag @napafest as a 3 yr subscriber of the mag I’m dying to attend! Hugh Dancy. Hands down. #FestivaldelSole #starsoffestivaldelsoleKristine
@sanfranmag #starsoffestivaldelsole Michael Keaton…hands down.Joe Sterne
@sanfranmag @napafest Will be there to catch Hugh Dancy’s performance in @24HourPlays #starsoffestivaldelsoleHugh Dancy News
@sanfranmag @napafest There for Hugh Dancy. Hands down. #starsoffestivaldelsoleAllison Tuomala
@napafest @sanfranmag #FestivaldelSole #starsoffestivaldelsole Minnie Driver for usMislael
@napafest #FestivaldelSole is July 12-22 with events like #24HourPlays starring @driverminnie @MichaelKeaton @HaysbertDennis and more!WHERE Magazine, SF
Performers who will join Hugh in @24HourPlays during @napafest: @driverminnie #ChrisNoth #MichaelKeaton and many more!Hugh Dancy News
@sanfranmag I want to see Hugh Dancy and his gorgeous smile @napafest #staroffestivaldelsolElisa Uribe
@sanfranmag hope to see @HaysbertDennis @napafest #starsoffestivaldelsole★Celebrity Scene★
@sanfranmag Thx for the Tweet2Win campaign ;) It’d be fantastic to see @DriverMinnie and Hugh Dancy #FestivaldelSole #starsoffestivaldelsoleSamantha Strauss
#festivaldelsole adds Chris Noth, Hugh Dancy, Michael Keaton this weekend #tweethouseSip California
Great play, check it out. 24 Hour Plays – Festival del Sole: Bier Rio
My very talented friend @AmyPovich in #24hourPlays #NapaValleyFestivalDeSole – Festival del Sole: Robert Evans
@sanfranmag chef mourad lahlou and mister big himself – chris noth! #FestivaldelSole #starsoffestivaldelsoleYulimar Chiu
@sanfranmag Hugh Dancy & Chris Noth!!! #starsoffestivaldelsoleCrystal Stauber
@sanfranmag Hard to pick just one…The Bolshoi Ballet and Chris Noth. #Festivaledelsole #starsoffestivaldelsoleelegantdetails
@yulimar @sanfranmag We are expecting truly GREAT ACTORS for our 24H Plays! #festivaldelsole #starsoffestivaldelsoleFestival del Sole

The Tweets

@WHERESF @driverminnie @MichaelKeaton @HaysbertDennis it will be amazing!! We have great actors for our 24 Hour Plays!! del Sole
Looking forward to the next 10 days filled with incredible food, wine & artists like @MichaelKeaton and @DriverMinnie. #festivaldelsoleMilliken Creek Inn
Drove past the French Laundry, freaked out, nearly ran into a tree. #24HRnapa Fallon
#24HRnapa kicks off at Bouchon MT@KCdirector Pink champagne in Nora’s honor, smoked octapus salad, THE BUTTER-POACHED LOBSTER crepe!Tina Fallon
@tina24hour no tree crashing! #24HRnapalost plum
Headed up the 5 to Napa to work @24HourPlays @napafest . So excited for this thrilling roller coaster ride to begin!Timothy Koch
Overheard in the production office: "How many magnums?" & "Which Bentley?" & "I’ve got to get to the castle!" #festivaldelsole #24HRnapaTina Fallon
@24HourPlays ATTENDEES: Doors to the theater will open at 4:30PM. See you there! @napafest #festivaldelsoleHugh Dancy News
More from the Napa production office: "How do I open the gas cap on the Bentley?" "Is that a bobcat?" #24HRnapa #festivaldelsoleTina Fallon
Looking fwd 2 catching @driverminnie at 24 Hour Plays during #festivaldelsole, but would LOVE to hear her sing… Broback
@tina24hour I’d like a picture of the bobcat with the Bentley please. #festivaldelsole @24HourPlaysSarah Biz
Hey kids! Are you as excited as we are for The 24 Hour Plays? Our hashtags of choice are #24HRnapa and #festivaldelsole. Tag, tag away.The 24 Hour Plays
We are going to @24HourPlays at #festivaldelsole ! R U? If so, drop by #tweethouse at "Taste". #24HRnapa House
@timothykoch @24HourPlays @napafest All the Thanes and Kinsmen will miss you, but everyone @AntaeusTheater wishes you well!Bill Brochtrup
I miss our #24HRla team so much! This weekend, @tina24hour is making @24HourPlays magic w/ #24HRnapa. Drive up the 5 and see it if you can!Sarah Biz
Wishing the actors and production crew of @24HourPlays a good night’s rest. Big day tomorrow. @napafest #festivaldelsole #24HRnapaHugh Dancy News
Just arrived at Calistoga . May never leave Driver
All I can hear are woodpeckers. Driver
Out w @robtmoon #latoque s Bank by Frank t @thecastillo was magic! Join me @napafest this week! Reports @newstalk910 Riddell
Where but Napa? Philip Naude takes a break in the shade of a redwood. #24HRnapa Fallon
@_UseYourWords_ doing this crazy thing called the 24hour plays.. Google it!Minnie Driver
Seen in the production office: Napa math. #24HRnapa #festivaldelsole Fallon
.@tweethouse C U for A Taste of #Napa @WestinNapa with @joelriddell of Dining Around @newstalk910 – looking forward to @24hourplays #wineMaribeth Doran
Ready for a ultimate Day of #FestivaldelSole? @drmelina at noon, 24H Plays with @driverminnie @HaysbertDennis @hughdancynews an many more”Berzerkeley (Cori)
@napafest @driverminnie @MichaelKeaton @HaysbertDennis Hope to see you at the #TweetHouse and see the #festivaledelsole @Kred leaderboard!Michael Linton
Overheard in the production office: "We need a wrap dress to cover the sexy cop costume…" #24HRnapa #festivaldelsole Fallon
Who all are going to see @amypovich in Napa Valley this weekend? #24hourPlays #NapaValleyFestivalDeSole: Robert Evans
Leaving for #festivaldelsole right NOW on the 128. See you there! @24HourPlays @napafest #24HRnapa Dancy News
@hughdancynews @24hourplays have a safe trip, see you there!Festival del Sole
We are writing and performing a play in 24 hrs. We are in hour 18. I feel vaguely nauseous and wish now that I’d gone to university .Minnie Driver
@driverminnie Good luck with the projectSimon Vine
Looking forward to #festivaldelsole event, 24 hour plays, later today!Jazmin Davila
WHERE THE HELL IS CHRIS NOTH??? #festivaldelsole #tweethouse #mrbig4evaErin Martin
Just arrived at #LincolnTheater. A lot o’ time to kill before @24HourPlays. #festivaldelsole #24HRnapaHugh Dancy News
@driverminnie does the play you are performing and writing have a name yet ?sunjay kakar
#FestivaldelSole @drmelina @DrOz 24H Plays with @driverminnie @HaysbertDennis @hughdancynews & more, tonight in #Napa. #Tweethouse rocked!Tanya Halepota
Enjoying the sun? There’s plenty of it in the #LincolnTheater parking lot. @24HourPlays @napafest #24HRnapa #festivaldelsoleHugh Dancy News
The sun was nice, but the air conditioning in the #LincolnTheater is even NICER. Will post pictures from the evening if possible. #24HRnapaHugh Dancy News
1 hour to go, Dennis Haysbert has his sword, Hugh Dancy and Amy Povich practicing their Russian accents. #killedbythe bolsheviks #24HRnapaTina Fallon
At the theatre with the Brobacks #tweethouse #festivaldelsole Gillmor
#festivaldelsole Is fab. #tasteofNapa whet my appetite. Now my soul will be nourished w 24hr plays. Excited. Excellent #tweethouseTina Chase Gillmor
Chris Noth on stage at Festival del Sole right now @festivaldelsole Altizer Photo
Intermission. Absolutely fantastic thus far! Hugh will be featured in the last act. Leaving the best for last. #24HRnapa @24HourPlaysHugh Dancy News
@24hours play is like a theatrical hackathon! #iOSDevCamp take note. #festivaldelsole #tweethousePerrine V. Crampton
Back stage #24HRnapa w great actors, directors & writers (plus the team!) such an amazing time! Thank u 4 asking me 2 HostJoel Riddell
.@hughdancynews: Intermission. Absolutely fantastic thus far! Hugh will be featured in the last act. . #24HRnapa @24HourPlays” super fly!Joel Riddell
“@24HourPlays: Hey kids! Are you as excited as we are? YES having a blast! #24HRnapa and #festivaldelsole.Joel Riddell
@joelriddell @24hourplays we hope you all have a great evening! What are your plans for later?Festival del Sole
If you are hiring a pit band, I highly recommend the Russian National Orchestra. #24HRnapa #festivaldelsoleTina Fallon
Thanks to @joelriddell for a brilliant job hosting #24HRnapa!Tina Fallon
24 Hour Plays with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons was fantastic! #festivaldelsoleJazmin Davila
Hats off to the whole #festivaldelsole crew for a brilliant show. #24HRnapa Fallon
Hugh mastered the Russian accent! Had a gift to give him. Oh well, maybe next time. #festivaldelsole #24HRnapa @napafest @24HourPlays.Hugh Dancy News
Minnie Driver following @24HourPlays #festivaldelsole @ Lincoln Theater Doran
And 24 hours later it was over. Thanks to my playwright Christopher Chen, fantastic actors, IMG & @24HourPlays team! #24hrnapa #exhaustionTimothy Koch
Afterparty at the Wolf Estate. #24HRnapa Fallon
@joelriddell @24hourplays Loved the play! Did the cast, etc. have as much fun as we (audience) did? #24HRnapa #festivaldelsole #tweethousePerrine V. Crampton
Stories & pics STAT! MT @timothykoch: 24 hrs later it was over. Thx 2 my playwright Christopher Chen, actors, IMG & @24HourPlays! #24hrnapaErin Barnes
Chris Noth after @24hourplays at #festivaldelsole @napafest #wineMaribeth Doran
Jst back from t Blackbird party #24HRnapa & #festivaldelsole event! Should we go 2 #morimoto @robtmoon ?Joel Riddell
Have any photographs of Hugh Dancy from last night’s performance in @24HourPlays? share them with us! #24HRnapa #festivaldelsole @napafestHugh Dancy News
Michael Keaton following @24HourPlays at #FestivaldelSole #24HrNapa @napafest #napa Doran
@1313Main didn’t make it there btwn Taste of Napa @WestinNapa & @24HourPlays but will be back soon! #FestivaldelSole #Napa #wine #recommendMaribeth Doran
The road home from #24HRnapa leads to Fish tacos and Mexican coke at Baja in Oakland. Fallon
Celebrity watch at @thecastello…Chris Noth from Law & Order and The Good Wife is here! #tweethouse #FestivalDelSoleKen Yeung
HD News Update, “24 Hour Plays” Napa Valley Festival del Sole – Pictures – @24HourPlays @napafestHugh Dancy News
@michaelminnillo We applied this principle, borrowed from The French Laundry, throughout our stay in Napa. #24HRnapa Fallon
Did we really just do a show w/ Russian National Orchestra, @driverminnie, @MichaelKeaton, @HaysbertDennis…? Wish we were still @napafest.Tina Fallon
@mdmv @24hourplays @napafest was great seeing you at both events Saturday!!! Looking fwd to seeing you in #Yountville again soon!Somerston Wines
This 24 hr play thing in Napa was magic. Turns out @michaelkeaton is sort of the most mesmerizing clown on stage. Brilliant. Challenging.Minnie Driver
@hughdancynews @24HourPlays @napafest It was fabulous! Hugh Dancy rocks! #festivaldelsoleSip California
Sarah Biz (TheSarahBiz) on TwitterThis weekend, @tina24hour is making @24HourPlays magic w/ #24HRnapa. Drive up the 5 and see it if you can! Expand Collapse. Reply; Retw…
@driverminnie We really enjoyed it aswell! See some photos and review of the #24hoursplay! del Sole

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How to Trend on Twitter – Have Fun #NemoSequel

A group of friends went to lunch and started talking about movies. The collection of tweets below shows how the conversation moved quickly to Twitter and ended up trending.

#NemoSequel Twitter Trend

Lunch was the launching of #NemoSequel and everyone was off and running. Great ideas and really funny suggestions.

Storified by Perrine V. Crampton · Sun, Jul 15 2012 17:50:42

The tweet that started it all

OH at lunch today.. "My Big Fat Greek Nemo" #NemoSequel ?Oren Jacob

And they were off!

“@orenjacob: OH at lunch today.. "My Big Fat Greek Nemo" #NemoSequel ?”Ben Parr
Nemo Wars, Episode 2: The Sharks Strikes Back #NemoSequel Cc: @orenjacobBen Parr
The Dark Nemo Rises #NemoSequelBen Parr
Ben Parr: “@orenjacob: OH at lunch today.. "My Big Fat Greek Nemo" #NemoSequel ?” #SocialMedia #SM #joAhmed Akour
Good Nemo Hunting #NemoSequelKen Yeung
Jiro Dreams of Nemo. “@orenjacob: OH at lunch today.. “My Big Fat Greek Nemo” #NemoSequel ?”Dom Sagolla
Gatticnemo #NemoSequelBen Parr
@benparr Nemo and Nemoer #NemoSequelRuth Bazinet
The Hunt for Red Nemo #NemoSequelBen Parr
Crouching Shark, Hidden Nemo #NemoSequelKen Yeung
@benparr @orenjacob "I Know Where You Swam Last Summer, Nemo!" #NemoSequelIan Gertler
How Nemo Got Her Groove Back #NemoSequel cc:@andrewstanton @orenjacobBen Parr
GI Nemo #NemoSequelKen Yeung
Nemotar #NemoSequelKen Yeung
The Nemo and the Furious #NemoSequel cc:@andrewstanton @orenjacobBen Parr
Kill Nemo: Volume 3 #NemoSequelKen Yeung
@benparr Nemo Does Dallas… Again #NemoSequelRuth Bazinet
@benparr @andrewstanton @orenjacob "Raiders of the Lost Nemo" #NemoSequelIan Gertler
Nemo and the Deathly Urchins #NemoSequelKen Yeung
Brokeback Nemo #NemoSequelBen Parr
Nemo does Dallas #NemoSequelKen Yeung
“@IanGertler: @benparr @andrewstanton @orenjacob "Darla Strikes Back" #NemoSequelandrew stanton
No country for old Nemo. #NemoSequelKen Yeung
.@andrewstanton @benparr @orenjacob "The Girl With The Nemo Tattoo" #NemoSequelIan Gertler
@benparr re: Brokeback Nemo #NemoSequel > Ha … this might be the winner, folks!Ian Gertler
Naked Piscine 2 1/2#NemoSequelJoe
Killer Klownfish from Outer Space #NemoSequelShervin Pishevar
A Fish Called Nemo #NemoSequel cc: @benparrMike Stanton
@andrewstanton @orenjacob "The Sting Ray" #NemoSequelCraig Good
.@andrewstanton @benparr @orenjacob "The Frying Game" #NemoSequelIan Gertler
The Silence of the Fish #NemoSequel /cc @shervinIlya Bagrak
@andrewstanton @orenjacob "Jawz" #NemoSequel #PerhapsbyadifferentstudioCraig Good
The Nemobook love story #nemosequel
Monty Python’s Life of Nemo #NemoSequelPeter – TheAngryCIO
PrettyNemo ‘in the city’ #Nemosequel
Fear of a Black Nemo#NemoSequelAnthony J. Garcia
The Eel with the Dragon Tattoo #NemoSequelCraig Good
ScreamNemo a fishworks production! #nemosequel
@orenjacob Nemo vs. Predator #NemoSequelNathan Wilkes
Ben Parr: How Nemo Got Her Groove Back #NemoSequel cc:@andrewstanton @orenjacob #SocialMedia #SM #joAhmed Akour
Ben Parr: The Nemo and the Furious #NemoSequel cc:@andrewstanton @orenjacob #SocialMedia #SM #joAhmed Akour
Ben Parr: Brokeback Nemo #NemoSequel #SocialMedia #SM #joAhmed Akour
A Time To Krill #NemoSequelCraig Good
Outlaw Josie Whales #NemoSequelCraig Good
Lobsterman: The Dark Cage Rises #NemoSequelCraig Good
They Shoot Sea Horses, Don’t They? #NemoSequelCraig Good
My Left Flipper #NemoSequelShervin Pishevar
The Elephant Seal Man #NemoSequelCraig Good
@andrewstanton John Flounder of Mars #NemoSequel #twoferCraig Good
Fake purse Ninja Turtles #NemoSequel #BowfingerAleksandar Ruben
3 men and a Nemo #nemosequel
A Person Called Wanda #NemoSequelCraig Good
The Flounder Games #NemoSequelCraig Good
Twelve Angry Carp #NemoSequelCraig Good
"Y Tu Nemo Tambien" #NemoSequelOren Jacob
The Adventures of Blowfish Munschausen #NemoSequelCraig Good
Nemo Clownfish & The Chamber of Secrets #NemoSequel cc: @andrewstanton @iangertler @benparr @orenjacobAdam Nash
Teenage Mutant Nemo Turtles #NemoSequelMike Inouye
The Codfather #NemoSequelCraig Good
The Nemo Professor #NemoSequelMike Inouye
Ne Mo’ Better Blues #NemoSequelCraig Good
@andrewstanton @IanGertler @benparr @orenjacob The Good, the Bad & the Sushi #NemoSequelColin MacRae
The Fin Man #NemoSequelCraig Good
The Fin Man #NemoSequelCraig Good
Monkfish, Inc. #NemoSequelCraig Good
The Incredibubbles #NemoSequelCraig Good
Raiders of the Lost Carp #NemoSequelCraig Good
Fort Jellyfish, The Bronx #NemoSequelCraig Good
See Mo’ Nemo #NemoSequelRick Bakas
Silence of the Seahorses #NemoSequelAlesha B
Sex and the Nemo #NemoSequel cc:@orenjacobBen Parr
Rocky Horror Nemo Show #NemoSequelKen Yeung
@benparr Grinding Nemo #NemoSequel #NemoPornTitleRick Bakas
The Little Nemo #NemoSequel @orenjacobBen Parr
Crimson Nemo #NemoSequelKen Yeung
Never Say Nemo Again. #NemoSequel or Dr. NemO or OctonemoDom Sagolla
The Manchurian Nemo #NemoSequelKen Yeung
It’s a wonderful Nemo #NemoSequelKen Yeung
Nemo of Arabia #NemoSequelKen Yeung
Blade Swimmer #NemoSequelmeredith
Ben Parr: Sex and the Nemo #NemoSequel cc:@orenjacob #SocialMedia #SM #joAhmed Akour
Ben Parr: The Little Nemo #NemoSequel @orenjacob #SocialMedia #SM #joAhmed Akour
‘Orange’October #Nemosequel @biztag *
"Prince of Tidepools" #NemoSequel #tweethouseOren Jacob
Close Encounters of the Finned Kind #NemoSequelCraig Good
Lots of amusing #NemoSequel title suggestions going around. What are yours?The Wisdom of Pixar
@TheEllenShow You want a #NemoSequel? Seems like Pixar animator @clgood is totally on your level. Check out his latest tweetsManda B!
@wisdomofpixar Jaws #NemoSequel ;-)AnimationFascination
Every Fish Way But Loose #NemoSequelCraig Good
The Color Pulpo #NemoSequel #helpsifyourebilingualCraig Good
Koi Story #NemoSequel #PixarCharles Lee
Found Nemo! #NemoSequelcourtney lambert
AnchorFish the legend of Nemo Burgundy #nemosequel *
@rpetrillomktg Richard, jump on the #nemosequel *biztag.. What ya got?
The Lost Kois #NemoSequelCraig Good
The Good Fish #NemoSequelThe Wisdom of Pixar
Coral Ine #NemoSequelCraig Good
The Fish and the Bowl #NemoSequel #TheBearAndTheBowThe Wisdom of Pixar
Jurassic Shark #NemoSequelCraig Good
E vem mais uma sequencia: NEMO 2! #SDCC #NemoSequelDiego Rodrigues
The KarateNemo #nemosequel *
Finding Nemo Again #NemoSequelWilliam Jardine
GeroNemo #NemoSequelDavide Di Cillo
The Lord of the Reefs @clgood #NemoSequelMike Michalczyk
To Wong Foo, Tangs for Everything, Julie Newmar #NemoSequelCraig Good
12 Angry Manatees @clgood #NemoSequelMike Michalczyk
Sex, Lies, and Green Kelp #NemoSequel #BAMAlesha B
The Pelican Reef #NemoSequelCraig Good
Independence Ray #NemoSequelCraig Good
@adamnash @andrewstanton @benparr @orenjacob "Dory’s Dazed and Confused" #NemoSequelIan Gertler
@meredith I’d see that! #NemoSequelAlesha B
Anemone Mine #NemoSequelCraig Good
Toy Dory #NemoSequel #ToyStorySequel #twoferCraig Good
The Gill of It All #NemoSequelCraig Good
Narwhal Street #NemoSequelCraig Good
The Color Gurgle #NemoSequelCraig Good
Rinse of Tides #NemoSequel #keepingitcleanCraig Good
Anglerfish & Demons #NemoSequelCraig Good
#NemoSequel "Finding Emo" Nemo’s adolescence chronicled as he discovers love, life and the Freudian challenges of growing up motherlessSyracuse Seth
Citizen Crab #NemoSequelCraig Good
Silence of the Clams #NemoSequelCraig Good
the 3muskefears #nemosequel *
@andrewstanton @benparr @orenjacob "Diary of A Shrimpy Squid" (Yes, I have kids!) #NemoSequelIan Gertler
So, @andrewstanton & @orenjacob just favorited my #NemoSequel. My work is done here-I can retire. I’m such a Pixar fan Pishevar
The Princess and the Sea #NemoSequelElizabeth Gebhardt
Snookie & Nemo #NemoSequel cc: @IanGertler @andrewstanton @benparr @orenjacobAdam Nash
@andrewstanton @benparr @orenjacob "The 40 Year Old Sturgeon" #NemoSequel cc @shervinIan Gertler
The Dark Knemo Rises #NemoSequel cc @IanGertler @andrewstanton @benparr @orenjacob @shervinSarah Wulfeck
Nemo Phone Home… Extra sea’estrial #nemosequel, Im done, best 4 last :) *
It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marlin #NemoSequel cc @iangertler @andrewstanton @orenjacob @shervinSarah Wulfeck
The Re-findening #NemoSequelDamon Murphy
Losing Nemo #NemoSequelDamon Murphy
“@clgood: The Codfather #NemoSequel” / Correction: Codfather IIandrew stanton
@andrewstanton @clgood I suggested "Koi Story" an hour ago. "You’ve got a frond in me." #NemoSequelCharles Lee
A View to a Krill #NemoSequelCraig Good
Kiss Kiss Glub Glub #NemoSequelCraig Good
@PKafka happy bday… 16 nemo’s ‘candles’ #nemosequel *
An Inconvenient Trout #NemoSequelCraig Good
@andrewstanton Lobster’s University? #NemoSequelDan Scanlon
Fintimate encounters #nemosequel tails of a sexy, sassy fish! :) *
Finding Nemo’s Family #nemosequel Some of his siblings, and his mother, survived inside the barracuda!Eric Leamen
Eel Postino #NemoSequelCraig Good
Bass with the Pearl Earring #NemoSequelCraig Good
The Sole Man #NemoSequelCraig Good
Take the Monkfish and Run #NemoSequelCraig Good
@MrDanScanlon @andrewstanton "Koi Story 2" #NemoSequelcolin giles
Anemone of the State #NemoSequelRobert Morgan
Tropical Thunder #NemoSequelRobert Morgan
2 Sequels: Finding Nemoer and Finding Nemo with a Vengeance. #NemoSequelDev Patnaik
Silence of the Clams #nemosequelTamsen Mitchell
Never Say Nemo Again #nemosequelNanuchka Zoranovich
Requiem for a Bream #NemoSequelRobert Morgan
Sinker, Sailor, Soldier, Spy #NemoSequelRobert Morgan
@clgood surely The Pearl with the Dragon Tattoo? #NemoSequelTamsen Mitchell
Marlin Impossible III: Clown Fish Protocol #NemoSequelRick Bakas
Dori the Explorer #NemoSequelRick Bakas
Guess Who’s Coming For Dinner? #NemoSequelJason Byrne
The Sawshark Redemption #NemoSequelMartell Demarteau
Tyler Perry’s Madea Gone Fishin’ #NemoSequelRick Bakas
Sea Wars III: Attack of the Clowns #NemoSequelRick Bakas
Driving Miss Dori #NemoSequelRick Bakas
@orenjacob @benparr is #NemoSequel still going ’cause inspiration is kicking in!Rick Bakas
Nemo never dies. #NemoSequelKen Yeung
Clash of the clown fish. #NemoSequelKen Yeung
Bass Cassidy and the Sundance Kid #NemoSequelCraig Good
12 angry fish #NemoSequelKen Yeung
“@andrewstanton: “@clgood: The Codfather #NemoSequel” / Correction: Codfather II”Codfather Part II: still swimming with the fishesdroopy615
@adamnash @andrewstanton @benparr @orenjacob @clgood This one got stuck as a draft last night: "Lost in Aussie Translation" #NemoSequelIan Gertler
. @andrewstanton Buoys in the Hood #NemoSequelCharles Eubanks
Episode III: Revenge of the Fish #NemoSequelDom Sagolla
OceanTrek, The Fish Generation @dom #nemosequelPerrine V. Crampton

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Diversity Hiring, an Innovative Approach

Diversity Hiring That Innovates Business: An atypical approach to solving a very typical hiring practice
Jackye Clayton, Senior Recruiting Manager, Holiday Retirement
From the #WITIsummit on June 5, 2012

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